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—Published Books

Timor Caves – Hunter Valley New South Wales
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2004 Environmental Education Community Grant
(Timor Karst and Caves)

—Published Papers

Australia’s Largest Caves System (as in CA 206)

Crayback & Lobsters (as in CA 208)

Calthemite Straws

Comparing Calthemite to Speleothem Straw Stalactites (as published in ‘Cave and Karst Science’)

Carbon Dioxide, Caves and You

Are You Exposing Yourself to Histoplasmosis

Alternative Caving Terminology
(Comical Definitions)

Definitions and Colloquial Terminology

Glossary of Caving Terms

Pink Puffers & Blue Blotters (PDF-404k)

Non Toxic “Foul Air” Can Kill – General info for emergency services personell

Digital Cave Photography – Tips & General information

Cave Photography with Magnesium Ribbon

Repair of a Rootsicle (cave speleothem – stalactite)

Coal mine (Melanterite) speleothems photographed by headlamp painting

Photographing a Dim Flame – Foul Air flame test

Crinoids – fossils and alive today

Bats, Photography & Histoplasmosis

Timor Limestone Quarry, Court Appeal & Outcome 2010

Helictites – What are they?

Water Fun Park & Tourist Caves, Amidst Tropical Tower Karst – Sulawesi, Indonesian

Eisriesenwelt – Austria – World Largest Ice Cave

Naked Flame Tests for, and Human Tolerance to, Foul Air in Caves

Large Caves Discovered on Flores – Indonesia

The Wonders and Exhilaration of Caving

Unconscious Snake Bite Victim rescued from Canyon

Wendlestein Höhle – Germany’s highest altitude Limestone Cave

Cliefden Caves NSW Australia (Newcaves Chronicles 42)

Blister Treatment

Microbes 50,000 years old found in Cave Crystals

Stromatolites and Thrombolites

Toilet Paper The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Calthemite Straw Stalactites growing from concrete structures

The Wonders and Exhilaration of Caving

Graffiti Removal from Main Cave at Timor (NSW)

Karst and Caves of Atiu- Cook Islands

Serious and funny caving incidents

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