Trip List

Note: Some MSS trips have limited numbers where priority is given to their members, please contact the trip leader to register your interest.

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11th/12th January 2020: Abercrombie Caves (MSS Trip)
Book project, surveying and documentation. Camping at the caves. Trip leader: ?? TBC

NEW 19th January 2020: Canoeing Day out in Newcastle Harbour
From Carrington Boat Ramp down the Newcastle Harbour past Stockton to Little Beach near Pirate Point (on Stockton side). Little Beach is a beautiful sandy beach opposite Nobby’s Head. It is a great place for a swim and to have lunch. You can also throw in a line to catch some fish.

I have done this paddle a number of times (about 1 hour each way) and it is quite interesting paddling under some of the wharfs and there are beautiful sights of Newcastle from the water. It is also interesting paddling past some of the stationary large ships and can be exciting when they are moving in or out of the harbour. Obviously we just keep out of the way of moving ships.
On the return journey, if you are keen, we can tie canoes up on the Newcastle wharf side and have a coffee at a cafe on the wharf.
You will need your own canoe or access to one and to wear a buoyancy vest. Bring swimmers, lunch, dry bag, water, sunscreen, hat and water shoes. I have two kayaks which I can lend.
If the wind comes up, the harbour can become choppy, so all participants must be able to swim.
Please contact Trip Leader Garry and CC to Melissa if you would like to participate.

21st-23rd Feb 2020: Timor Caves
It will be the perfect chance to see all of the Lake Cave, which for the most part can’t be fully explored when the water level is up. We will also look at removing the lock (grinder) and getting into the other part of the Lake Cave which has been inaccessible for about 20 years.

We will also put a barrier in Rockme cave to stop the bats reentering. This cave was originally not open because the entrance was dug out. Recently some bats have decided to utilise the cave and the pristine formations are being damaged.

Staying at the Glen Dhu Hut which has been recently improved with the addition of a verandah!

The cost will be $5 per person per day which will go to the property owners, plus $3 per day which will go to NHVSS. The NHVSS component tops out at $10 for families.

I think it would be a very nice gesture if we could pay a little more to the property owners on this occasion as they have been purchasing hay and water for some time now to feed cattle – I would suggest those who are agreeable could put in $10 per day to help out during the harsh conditions on the land. So it would be really nice if we had a good roll-up on this trip.

Please contact Trip Leader Garry and CC to Melissa if you would like to participate.

20th-23rd April 2020: Upper Hunter Caving
Staying at the Orchard Lodge just north of Moonan Flat. Arrival Monday 20th April 2020 & depart Thursday 23rd April  2020. Caving is easy, visiting caves we don’t get to very often. Permission is still pending on some properties and subject to road conditions etc.
Cost is $30.00 per adult per night & $15.00 per school aged children per night. Check out the lodge, it’s awesome!
Contact Jodie to register:

23rd- 26th April 2020: Glenrock Caves
One of the club’s favourites! Why not move along to Glenrock after leaving Moonan Flat (it’s only half an hour further up the road). You can expect small vertical caves mostly, but lots of opportunity to find new caves and we do find the occasional big one!. Basic bush camping, 1.5hrs north of Aberdeen. Contact Brian Reeves: 0402 099329.