Trip List

Note: Some MSS trips have limited numbers where priority is given to their members, please contact the trip leader to register your interest.

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29th-30th May: Timor Caves
Caving planned includes continued digging of Eyrie cave (unless it’s too muddy) plus maybe some trogging to relocate some lost caves. We are staying at the Glen Dhu Hut, there’s only 5 bedrooms so first in best dressed in securing a room then others will need to bring a tent. Hut cost is $5 per person per night (for the property owner) plus $3 per day NHVSS trip fees. Contact: Garry K. Smith:

26th-27th June: Jaunter Caves (MSS Trip)
Cave surveying at Jaunter. The caves at Jaunter all need to be surveyed. Come and practice your surveying skills! Your welcome to come along just for the caving but precedence will be given to those helping with the project. Car camp on the property. Contact: Rod Smith (note: 2underscores).

10th-11th July: Abercrombie Caves (MSS Trip)
Surface work at Abercrombie. If NPWS let us go underground again MSS will apply for a permit. Nice place to camp and be social. Contact: Rod Smith (note: 2 underscores).

11th-12th September: Nundle Fossicking
Try your luck panning for gold at this well-known gold fossicking area. Camp at Swamp Creek Reserve Campground (or stay at the Nundle Fossickers Tourist Park- not as close though). Contact: Brian Reeves: 0402 099329 or

9th- 10th October: Glenrock Caves
You can expect small vertical caves mostly, but lots of opportunity to find new caves and we do find the occasional big one!. Basic bush camping, 1.5hrs north of Aberdeen. Contact: Brian Reeves: 0402 099329 or