Trip List

Note: Some MSS trips have limited numbers where priority is given to their members, please contact the trip leader to register your interest.

Friday 13th – 15th September: Timor Caves
Staying at the hut and probably doing some easy going caving and a little digging. Fireplace has been fixed, so we can have the fire going in the lounge room again!
Contact: Garry K Smith

21st-22nd September: Jenolan Caves
Awesome caving in the Blue Mountains, staying at the hut at a small cost. Contact the trip leader Mark for details:

1st to 6th October: White Water Rafting trip (not a club trip- commercial trip advertised to our club plus MSS). On the Water: Wednesday October 2 – Saturday October 5. Travel Days: Tuesday 1 October and Sunday 6 October. Its 10 hours from Newcastle, so a minimum of 1 day either side of the trip. We would need to leave about 6:30am to make the destination at a reasonable time.

Base cost: $950 includes 1 Night accomodation pre trip, group camping gear, PPE (PFD, Helmet etc), Wetsuit, splash tops, food for the journey.

Minimum number of Participants: 8. Maximum number of Participants: About 18. Minimum Age: They suggest around 11 years old, depending on ability. Membership of a caving club is not required for this trip, so you are welcome to invite others, but you will be responsible for chasing up any information or payments that are required from them. Deposits will be required to be paid by August to secure a spot on this trip. The company needs to book guides early to ensure we have enough for the trip.

Additional costs: There are a few options that need to be finalised and costs will change depending on final numbers, like if a hired bus would be better than driving individually (estimated $140 per person for a bus), if we would like to stay an extra night at Karoonda Park at the end before starting the drive home (this is my preferred option as we don’t know what time the trip will finish, its about $100 each, includes a meal on the Saturday night after the trip).

Detailed Information:- Mc’Killop’s Bridge to Buchan River. Experience one of Australia’s best river sections through the Snowy River National Park. An incredible four-day remote camping trip experiencing the changing nature of the river. Towering gorges, open dry valleys and sandy river flats. Camping gear and expedition meals supplied and carried within the raft. Price includes 1 night dorm accommodation pre trip

The time on the water would begin early on Wednesday October 2, and be off the water in the afternoon of Saturday October 5.

Typically groups would arrive at Karoonda Park the night before the trip began to fit all PPE, size up wetsuits or booties if needed and pack the large dry bag that’s provided. We need to leave the site by 8.30am on the Wednesday to head to the put in point and start the trip.

All group camping gear is provided (shelter, cooking, toilet), individual gear like sleeping bags, mats and clothing needs to brought with us.

Some Questions I’ve already had answered:

Can I wear my own PFD/Helmet: Yes, however the staff at the company will have final say on this, PFD’s and Helmets need to meet relevant standards and be in good condition.

Can I bring my own shelter: Yes, small personal shelters can be used, but remember packing space can be limited.

What if I don’t have my own Sleeping bag or mat:  Karoonda Park has some gear available to rent like sleeping bags and mats.

How Waterproof are the bags provided: They are all quality bags, however I personally never trust them to be 100% waterproof, packing in another waterproof layer is definitely recommended.

Average temperatures: October high 20° / low 10°. Average of 8 days rain, very little info about water temps, but by some accounts could be as low as 10° (hopefully not though)

Will there be enough water: Yes, the preliminary release dates show plenty of flow, but unfortunately no higher flow flush events are scheduled for these dates. Any rain around that time will increase the flow.

Who’s the provider:  Snowy River Expeditions

Daniel Burt

8th-12th November: Jindabyne
Come and see the Australian Alpine High Country. Based at the Canberra Alpine Club Lodge in Jindabyne, come and participate in day walks, kayaking or even mountain bike riding (you can hire from Jindy). Or just hang out and relax at the hut. Cost for accommodation is $54pp per night. Contact the trip leader Peter Downes for details:

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20th-23rd April 2020: Upper Hunter Caving
Staying at the Orchard Lodge just north of Moonan Flat. Arrival Monday 20th April 2020 & depart Thursday 23rd April  2020. Caving is easy, visiting caves we don’t get to very often. Permission is still pending on some properties and subject to road conditions etc.
Cost is $30.00 per adult per night & $15.00 per school aged children per night. Check out the lodge, it’s awesome!
Contact Jodie to register:

23rd- 26th April 2020: Glenrock Caves
One of the club’s favourites! Why not move along to Glenrock after leaving Moonan Flat (it’s only half an hour further up the road). You can expect small vertical caves mostly, but lots of opportunity to find new caves and we do find the occasional big one!. Basic bush camping, 1.5hrs north of Aberdeen. Contact Brian Reeves: 0402 099329.