Trip List

Note: Some MSS trips have limited numbers where priority is given to their members, please contact the trip leader to register your interest.

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16th-18th October: Watagan Mountains Walk/Navigation Skills Training
The course involves walking through relatively open areas underneath a nice rainforest like canopy as well as a little bush bashing and a section along Watagans forest road. It took me 5 hours on the day (my reconnaissance day) to do the 13km hike, but 2 hours of that was lunch and photography. On Sunday morning there is also the opportunity to do the Abbotts Falls walk from The Pines camping area.

Hike starting at 9am on Saturday 17 October.
Where: Camping at The Pines or Turpentine Camping areas
Limits: 20 People unless restrictions are eased. Depending on how many people come we will likely break into smaller groups for the hike.

Contact: Daniel Burt and Melissa Hadley

14th-15th November: Timor Caves NOTE TRIP CLOSE TO FULL
Mostly a surface and tagging trip to clean up some documentation. No recreational caving planned. Some leads/digs to be investigated from previous trips over the years on the reserve and on private property. We will stay at the Glen Dhu Hut.

Limited to 12 people. Please bring some cash for hut and trip fees.
Contact: Jodie Rutledge

14th-15th November: Snowy Mountains Trip CANCELLED- MAY BE RESCHEDULED

Bring your book, boots, bike and/or boat (kayak) for a relaxed break of day trips based in Jindabyne. There is the option of staying at the Canberra Alpine Club lodge in the centre of Jindabyne or organising your own accommodation. Proposed dates 12 to 16 November but can be changed based on demand.
Potential day trips include:

  • Dead Horse Gap to Thredbo top station and return via the Rams Heads
  • Kosciuszko
  • Mount Stilwell and Kangaroo Ridge to the half way station
  • Blue Lake and beyond
  • walk or bike the Thredbo to Jindabyne valley track
  • kayak on the Thredbo river
    Contact: Peter Downes:

6th December 2020 (Sunday): Pilchers Mountain Caves and Gorge **NEW**
Near Dungog in the Hunter Valley. Meet at Paterson (near the post office) at just prior to 8am. Then leave in convoy at 8am (Sharp)  to travel to the parking area on private property. There will be a 2km walk up a hill (170m elevation gain) on private property (open farmland) to the reserve. Good 360 degree views and mobile phone reception at the top.

We will then descend into the gorge and rainforest. There are a number of caves which don’t require ropes or ladders, just normal caving gear. They are fault caves so no speleothems – but still very interesting. If there is a group who want to do the Rebel cave, I will organise ropes, but those who do this cave wont have much time to see anything else as it is pretty well a full day exercise in that cave.

The rainforest and gorge is spectacular and worth a look even if you do not want to go caving. There is a cave which contains a large colony of bats and most of this cave can be explored without disturbing the bats.

Because of COVID19, I request that everyone going caving wear a face mask while underground. This is because COVID is most easily spread by breathing in the expelled air containing micro droplets from an infected person. Caves are a confined space and without a mask, greatly increases the risk of the virus spreading. Hopefully in the future we wont have to wear masks, but at the moment, I am insisting that those who go caving on this trip wear masks underground.

You will need to carry food, water, all caving gear (if caving), camera, sunburn cream and vertical gear if you are intending to do Rebel Cave.

We can set up abseils on the side of the gorge if you would like to abseil above ground.

I plan to be back at the cars well before dark and heading off the private property in convoy as there are several gates which need opening and closing.

Let me know if you would like to participate and also CC email to Melissa so she can add you into the Trip Book. Melissa’s email address is in this email list above. I will be limiting the group size to 20 participants – First in best dressed.

Contact: Garry Smith and Melissa Hadley

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January 2021, Monday 4th to Thursday 7th: Upper Hunter Caving
Staying at the Orchard Lodge just north of Moonan Flat. Arrival Monday 20th April 2020 & depart Thursday 23rd April  2020. Caving is easy, visiting caves we don’t get to very often. Permission is still pending on some properties and subject to road conditions etc.
Cost for accommodation is $30.00 per adult per night & $15.00 per school aged children per night. Check out the lodge, it’s awesome!
Trip fees as usual apply in addition to the accommodation cost.
Contact: Jodie to register:

TBA: Glenrock Caves
You can expect small vertical caves mostly, but lots of opportunity to find new caves and we do find the occasional big one!. Basic bush camping, 1.5hrs north of Aberdeen. Contact:Brian Reeves: 0402 099329.