Trip List

Note: Some MSS trips have limited numbers where priority is given to their members, please contact the trip leader to register your interest.

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15th February (Saturday): Empress Canyon, Blue Mountains (MSS Trip)
Meeting 7.30am for an 8am start at the canyon.  Group size limited to 8. Optional second canyon later in the day (Whores Bed, Sahara or Kilimanjaro abseils).  Book in early initially MSS members only but wait list will be held for members of other ASF clubs.  Leader:  Jon Finch Contact

22nd Feb (Saturday): SRT Training (MSS Trip)
SRT training specifically for those who will be going to the Mole Creek/Ida Bay trip in March, however, there is room for 1 or 2 beginners if they want to get into SRT. Leader:  David Stuckey – contact

23rd Feb (Sunday): Possible wet canyon trip (MSS Trip)
Possible wet canyon if anyone has the appetite for it, if interested, email

21st-23rd Feb: Timor Caves
It will be the perfect chance to see all of the Lake Cave, which for the most part can’t be fully explored when the water level is up. We will also look at removing the lock (grinder) and getting into the other part of the Lake Cave which has been inaccessible for about 20 years.

We will also put a barrier in Rockme cave to stop the bats reentering. This cave was originally not open because the entrance was dug out. Recently some bats have decided to utilise the cave and the pristine formations are being damaged.

Staying at the Glen Dhu Hut which has been recently improved with the addition of a verandah!

The cost will be $5 per person per day which will go to the property owners, plus $3 per day which will go to NHVSS. The NHVSS component tops out at $10 for families.

I think it would be a very nice gesture if we could pay a little more to the property owners on this occasion as they have been purchasing hay and water for some time now to feed cattle – I would suggest those who are agreeable could put in $10 per day to help out during the harsh conditions on the land. So it would be really nice if we had a good roll-up on this trip.

Please contact Trip Leader Garry and CC to Melissa if you would like to participate.

28th Feb to 1st March: Abercrombie Caves (MSS Trip)
Continuation of surveying the Grand Arch, plus other book related activities, no recreational caving and participants must rsvp directly to trip leader

29th Feb (Saturday): River explorers Trip (MSS Trip)
Floating down the Woronora River (byo pool ring or noodle), negotiating cascades and small waterfalls.  This is a fun trip for warm weather and with no canyons to do, the perfect alternative.  Numbers Limited.  This is a REALLY cruisy trip, some of us will be taking along hot dogs and cans of soft drink, that’s how easy it will be!  Instructions on how to carry in a hot dog – and not have to heat it up at lunchtime shared with participants. Leader:  the Legendary Louise – contact  if you’re interested.

14th-15th March: Dive weekend at Fish Rock Cave (MSS Trip)
Cost $400 (includes 2 dives on Saturday and 2 on Sunday, bunk style accommodation above the dive shop, breakfast included, kitchen available, BYO food – if you use their gear add on an additional $100). Co-ordinator:  Alan Green contact 

21st-22nd March: Abseiling weekend (MSS Trip)
Saturday:  Gloucester Falls, multi pitch abseil.  Sunday:  Emperor Falls, multi pitch abseil.  Numbers limited and preference given to those who are willing to do the two days (car camp at Gloucester Tops).  Should Gloucester Tops NP be still closed, fall back trip has been planned. Leader:  Steve Rowse, contact

20th-23rd April: Upper Hunter Caving
Staying at the Orchard Lodge just north of Moonan Flat. Arrival Monday 20th April 2020 & depart Thursday 23rd April  2020. Caving is easy, visiting caves we don’t get to very often. Permission is still pending on some properties and subject to road conditions etc.
Cost is $30.00 per adult per night & $15.00 per school aged children per night. Check out the lodge, it’s awesome!
Contact Jodie to register:

23rd- 26th April: Glenrock Caves
One of the club’s favourites! Why not move along to Glenrock after leaving Moonan Flat (it’s only half an hour further up the road). You can expect small vertical caves mostly, but lots of opportunity to find new caves and we do find the occasional big one!. Basic bush camping, 1.5hrs north of Aberdeen. Contact Brian Reeves: 0402 099329.

24th- 26th July: Cross Country Skiing
Travelling to the Snowy Mountains on the 23rd. Arrive late Thursday afternoon 23rd – and depart for home about midday on Sunday 26th July. For people arriving on Friday morning or evening (because they can’t get Thursday or Friday off work), we can make arrangement to catch up.

If we travel down south on Thursday morning and arrive late afternoon in Cooma (meet and stay overnight in a rest area – details later), those hiring skis could get them in Jindabyne Friday morning on the way through to the ski field. With this scenario participants will have Friday, Saturday and half Sunday to practice skiing.

However, if participants can’t get the extra 2 days off work and travel down on the Friday evening, then they will get 1.5 days of skiing in.

So if you would like to participate, then also indicate if you can get the Thursday and Friday off work. We can still make arrangements to cater for everyone, if some participants would like to do the extra day (Friday) and others can only participate on Saturday and half Sunday.

Camping will be at Island Bend next to cars, in the top camping area near the toilet facilities. I will provide a map for participants. There are no showers at the camp ground. We would have day trips for learning to cross country ski and you will get away from the crowded downhill slopes and see some spectacular mountain scenery. If you have never done this before then this is the perfect opportunity to learn. Please don’t hire skating skis, you need “back country skis” preferably with NNN BC bindings. I will send out more info to participants, including a suggested equipment list of things to take. It will be lots of fun, so come along and join in the adventure. Trip Leader: Garry K Smith. Contact: Email